Members Speak

Current Conscious Leader Roundtable members have a lot to say about the impact their group has had on their business and procedures.

Phil Beakes, CEO
Peregrine Insight Group
I have been in different mastermind groups for more than 25 years, as I believe in the power of the collective wisdom of the group. Some of the most powerful and successful business decisions I have made in my career have been made in large part through presenting the issues to my group and learning from their experience, resources and outcomes. I’ve had guidance on such issues as product launches, having to replace a general manager, buying a company, and eventually selling my company and re-inventing my entire career.My members are completely devoted to me, and I to them, and in a context of complete honesty, consciousness and confidence great things can be accomplished for the business, as well as in my personal life, which for me is very closely linked. This group is invaluable to me.

Bruce Polkes, President & Co-Founder
My participation in my Conscious Leader Roundtable Group has been an enlightening experience with tangible results. I was able to solidify and redirect the launch of a new business.The group offers tremendous power in thinking, concrete suggestions and honest critique, all wrapped in a positive spirit that’s extremely motivating. It’s had a huge impact on me personally and that impact has rippled out to the many constituents of my business.I truly look forward to each Roundtable session!
Karen Gabler, Partner/Founder
LightGabler LLP
As an attorney, I regularly find myself challenged by my desire to create positive results in the world while faced with an endless sea of disputes. Navigating my need to keep my clients informed and resolve their business and legal problems, while at the same time growing my legal practice and meeting my obligations to my family and my firm, can at times seem almost impossible to balance.Most recently, I was dealing with a “problem client,” who insisted he wanted to continue working with me but was completely antagonistic toward my advice. I found myself dreading his calls and unsure how to help him. By talking through the issue in my Conscious Leader Roundtable group, I received insightful feedback about how to address his business situation, how to approach his attitude and demeanor, and how to separate myself from the situation to avoid dragging myself down each time we interacted. After receiving thoughtful and experienced advice from my group members, I was able to approach the client in a different way, fully engage my ability to solve his problem and, most importantly, avoid carrying the burden of his unhappiness throughout my own day. The matter was successfully resolved and I felt pleased and calm about the outcome.My Conscious Leader Roundtable Group has enriched me on multiple levels, both personally and professionally. Sharing and brainstorming with a group of like-minded, intelligent, creative and personable professionals allows me to explore numerous points of view and benefit from years of collective wisdom and experience in reaching solutions to thorny client or business problems. My group has guided me in blending my personal goals with my professional growth, and has gently challenged me when I was avoiding a situation rather than facing and solving it. By listening to discussions on the various issues faced by my group members, I learn about how my own practice might be improved in areas I had not yet considered. In offering my own words of wisdom to a fellow group member, I remember to “practice what I preach” and apply my own knowledge to my day-to-day professional life.I have yet to leave a Roundtable meeting without feeling as though I have significantly advanced my career, as well as my personal experience in that career. My group meeting has become the event I most look forward to each month, and is the one thing I could not imagine eliminating from my schedule.


Bruce Barkis, Founder
BGB Advanced Resources
Throughout my career, I’ve sought out and participated in professional and personal development groups. The Conscious Leader Roundtable Group is the first I’ve experienced in decades that integrates both professional and personal development in one forum. On the one hand, I’ve experienced the benefits of interacting with current and former CEOs and entrepreneurs who share higher values – integrity, confidentiality, respect, gratitude, being fully present and honoring commitments. We seek to continue to grow in our ability to serve others and share lessons learned. The flexible structure of the meetings creates the space to spontaneously approach issues that one or more of us may be wrestling with.I’ve participated in meetings where I was thinking about a business situation, but hadn’t anticipated getting into it. However, through Mark’s facilitation and the other participants’ encouragement, I felt comfortable about expressing the professional and personal dynamics around the issue. The group’s process involves curiosity and inquiry without judgment to help me disentangle the components of the issue, get a fresh perspective, discover solutions and, when ready, seek and accept wise counsel.Conversely, I’ve had the privilege and satisfaction of contributing my consulting skills and leadership experience in service of other members of the group.Mark is a master facilitator who models the values and skills he advocates. He assures that we get maximum value for the time we invest. The meetings are productive, results lasting while balanced with friendship and humor. I heartily encourage those guided toward a higher purpose who have senior-level organizational experience and an interest in growing professionally and personally explore participating in a Roundtable group.
Jeffrey R. Knakal, Managing Partner
Growth Partners
I would submit this as an example of the group facilitating a higher consciousness-based solution derived from a collective that is dedicated to higher-level thinking:I was representing an owner of a company in conjunction with executing a liquidity event designed to afford the owner with his desired transition into retirement, however, the company’s performance decreased during the process, and its future prospects became more uncertain. The positioned buyer presented a revised offer at a significantly lower valuation. The owner became consumed by what was being lost, and as such was disinclined to proceed with the transaction. While I was inclined to respond in an analytical manner by emphasizing the actual fairness of the re-traded offer, the group suggested such a clinical approach would likely not penetrate the win/lose perspective of the owner. Rather, the group suggested a focus confirming the founding objective and the closeness of its attainment, regarding the achievement of an affirmative change in lifestyle, by emphasizing “what is the value of this lifestyle” vs. continuing with the pressures and commitments of the status quo. Upon my reflection of this recommendation, I found it to be a compelling prescription, and presented written commentary which focused on the “goal” (it did not include any analytics). This helped “re-center” the owner, and now discussions are proceeding based on the owner’s recognition of the relative values.A seemingly difficult business situation was solved with a customized solution created by the group, which parallels its higher consciousness orientation.I have found participation in the Conscious Leader Roundtable group to be truly rewarding on multiple levels.
Dana Borowka, MA, CEO & Co-Founder
Lighthouse Consulting Services
Unlike other groups that I’ve been in, the Conscious Leader Roundtable Group has a commonality of the acceptance of simply “being still” which results in action. Most business groups are very linear, but in this group being still and listening to your inner voice is the norm, which then provides a natural direction for movement either in business or in one’s personal life.One of my goals was to expand our business and I practiced what we had talked about in our group using methods that had been shared as a group. As I became clearer by “being still,” ideas started to flow and business started to flow to my company along with ideas for reaching out to others. The whole process was so simple – yet most of the time most businesses make it very complex during the planning process. Every month I can’t wait for our meeting and leave with so much energy about things to contemplate and implement. The time spent during our meetings simply flies by. Recently I looked down at my watch and realized we were minutes away from ending our meeting. It was as if we had just started, yet hours had flown by. The other group members couldn’t believe it either and we just keep talking for a bit longer. This happens at most of the meetings and they just keep getting better!I’m grateful that Mark has decided to expand this experience to include others since it has been so valuable to me.

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