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Mark Lefko, Founder

Mark Lefko feels honored when the media labels him a “visionary” within the Conscious Leader Movement. After all, he founded Conscious Leader Roundtables and The Conscious Leadership Connection based on a vision of business leaders finding wholeness, collaboration and friendship in the power of groups. He’s also been called a master facilitator, intuitive connector of people and Conscious Business Leader.

Mark brings extensive experience as a successful businessperson, CEO mentor and business roundtable facilitator to the organization. In 2001, Mark founded the Lefko Group, one of the nation’s leading facilitators for business and transformational roundtables. Since then he has coached / mentored 100+ CEO’s and Presidents and led countless strategic planning retreats, teambuilding sessions, corporate think tanks and industry roundtables. He is known for his high-energy, effective meeting facilitation, a high level of consciousness and incisive guidance.

With a 30-year corporate background – seven years with Arthur Andersen, as CFO and COO for a large mortgage banking company, as a mergers & acquisitions partner for an investment banking firm in Los Angeles and as Chairman for TEC (now Vistage), a CEO membership organization – Mark has transformed his purpose to one that rises above the bottom line. His intention is to lead by example and uphold the highest level of integrity, creativity and collaboration.

In 2014 Mark added author to his list of experiences, capturing the global knowledge of Conscious Executives from the world’s most successful companies in a book of conversations called “Wake Up And Lead.”

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