Benefits – What You Can Expect

Conscious Leader Roundtables are ongoing monthly in-person meetings of 8-10 influential business leaders in a safe, confidential, non-competitive environment. Meetings last 4 hours – with time spent sharing ideas and discussing specific topics.

We have found many Conscious Leader Roundtable Group Members justify their time and financial commitment based on the returned VALUE being so much greater than they initially expected. Ask yourself what your business and personal growth would look like if you experienced the following benefits while having access to conscious-minded business leaders who are seeking greater purpose and meaning in their lives.

  • Fine tune your ideas and business initiatives BEFORE you implement them, bypassing the learning curve for a faster path to achieving your goals.
  • Share your most personal business challenges that cannot be aired in your own corporate environment with a group of business leaders that have nothing at stake (but your success).
  • Experience the finest source of ideas, inspiration and brainstorming by tapping into hundreds of years of experience of fellow members.
  • Benefit from the time and energy to present your issues and ideas, and be able to provide experiential advice to others as a result of a limited number of members in each group.
  • Access high-quality outside resources and a network to support your needs provided by intelligent and conscious-minded members.
  • Receive maximum benefit and value delivered at every meeting as a result of professional and experienced group facilitation.

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